A moment to move by Georgia Parris

  • Martha is a woman 'of a certain age', and she's feeling it, but she's not quite ready to adhere to a stereotype just yet. Problem is, she's come to that realisation on the day of her daughter's wedding, as she bears the role of 'Mother of the Bride' and all that comes with it. A Moment To Move is a warm, funny and honest film about women, age and expected stereotypes in the 21st Century.


Mari by Georgia Parris

Boldly combining the power of dance and cinema, MARI tells the story of professional dancer and choreographer Charlotte (Bobbi Jene Smith), as she prepares for a new show. Uniquely using the poetic expression of dance to drive the narrative, Charlotte’s world is turned upside down when she discovers she is pregnant and her grandmother Mari is coming to the end of life, forcing her to confront her past to choose the future she wants.

Writer / Director - Georgia Parris | Producer - Emma Duffy | Production Company - Small Town Films | Exec Producers - BFI, BBC Films, Intermission & Boudica Films.

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 Under the wire by Chris Martin

Nominated for a BIFA _ Best Documentary